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Moving To Arizona

There's a dramatic sense to Arizona's outdoor landscape. Stretching to the periphery, the state's wild and varied beauty lures everyone outdoors to bask in the wonder of nature—from spectacular canyons to scenic rivers and vast desert to towering mountains. It's no wonder that Arizona has the most national parks and monuments in the United States, with 22 sites that encompass national monuments, national memorials, national historic sites, and three national parks.

Resident Working in Business in Greater Metro Phoenix rea

Here we grow

Arizona is among the Top Five Fastest Growing States in the Nation, and it currently shows no signs of slowing. Leading the way, the Greater Phoenix Metro area ranks among the nation’s top three fastest-growing major cities, offering residents and businesses countless opportunities to expand. Manufacturing, as well as advanced industries such as the technology and biomedical sector, are a big draw, not to mention the market’s opportunity zones, pro-business climate and overall affordability.

Phoenix’s East Valley cities are poised as some of the area’s most promising, expanding with new businesses, new development and a high demand for its quality schools and affordable housing.

Large Companies in Greater Phoenix Arizona

A Premier Business Destination

As a premier business destination, the East Valley cities offer a diverse and sustainable economy, an educated workforce and a true pro-business partnership between government and industry. Advanced companies such as Apple, Boeing, Mitsubishi, FUJIFILM, CM C Steel, Esurance, MD Helicopters, NAMMO Talley, Cessna, TRW, Embraer, Auer Precision and Bridgestone have large operations in Mesa.

The New Gem Unfolding in the East Valley

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The booming Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, only eight miles from Blossom Rock connects business travelers and tourists to over 45 destinations around the country annually.

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Desert Living

Blossom Rock is being purposefully designed to encourage residents to interact with one another in the great Arizona outdoors and will offer a truly unique place to make lasting memories.

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Natural Beauty

With its prime location taking shape at the easternmost edge of the Phoenix-Mesa metropolitan area, Blossom Rock will be where the thriving buzz of East Valley growth meets the wild wonder of nature and the Superstition Mountains.

Come Home to Blossom Rock

Considering a move? Blossom Rock plans are underway to help make it easier to know your neighbors, and it will be a place where a warm welcome is the norm. From their first days here, early residents will be involved in the organic co-creation of clubs and community programs that help match their lifestyle from books clubs and hiking groups, to wine clubs and astronomy groups—whether you like to dive right into a proactive social life or take things as they come, Blossom Rock might just be calling you home.

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