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Outdoor Recreation

Blossom Rock and the Arizona outdoors are interwoven, giving residents a wealth of opportunities to get outdoors in their own way. Once you open your door, whether your path takes you down the street, the trail, or farther into the back country, your choice can vary easily with the weather, time of day, your mood, and the shifting seasons. In sight of the theatrical backdrop of the Superstition Mountains, your house isn’t only home, but also the trailhead to adventure.

Nature's Playground

There’s a dramatic sense to Arizona’s outdoor landscape. Stretching to the periphery, the state’s wild and varied beauty lures everyone outdoors to bask in the wonder of nature—from spectacular canyons to scenic rivers and vast desert to towering mountains. It’s no wonder that Arizona has the most national parks and monuments in the United States, with 22 sites that encompass national monuments, national memorials, national historic sites, and three national parks. At Blossom Rock, some of the state’s most majestic landscape is just up the road.

Bikers in Superstition Mountains near Blossom Rock Mesa, Arizona

Basecamp for Adventure

Just a handful of miles from Blossom Rock, the rugged Superstition Mountains soar in vertical lines more than 5,000 feet from the Sonoran Desert floor, making your new home the perfect home base for hiking and camping adventures. Whether you’re curious about the local lore and tales of gold, or eager to immerse yourself in the serenity of solo adventure on the Peralta Trail or Treasure Loop Trail, the proximity to this wilderness is perhaps worth more than the promise of treasure from the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. To the north, the Goldfield Mountains set in the Tonto National Forest offer more miles of hiking and biking trails on the way to Saguaro Lake and the Salt River, for a refreshing dip, as well as fishing and boating.

Kids in neighborhood park at Blossom Rock in Mesa, Arizona

Parks and Places

And right in your backyard, miles of community trails will tie into a sophisticated park system that will eventually consists of three large community parks, linear parks that run through the middle and edge of Blossom Rock, and dozens of neighborhood parks—ensuring that all future homes are within two blocks of a neighborhood park. Parks at Blossom Rock include both formal and informal recreation activities, including the freedom of shaded open space and trails to more structured offerings like playgrounds that serve as gathering spaces for neighbors and families to breathe fresh air and celebrate their love of nature.