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The Dutch Clubhouse in Blossom Rock East Valley AZ

06 June . 2024

Announcing the Dutch Clubhouse and Pool at Blossom Rock

Welcome to Blossom Rock, a place designed to enrich the day-to-day experiences of residents of all ages. Among our most anticipated amenities is the Dutch Clubhouse and Pool, a stunning addition that will create a respite for residents to rejoice and rejuvenate. Nestled along the tranquil shores of the lake at Painted Sky Park, the Dutch Clubhouse and Pool Pavilion will soon become the hub of Blossom Rock.

The Dutch Clubhouse is an approximately 8,000-square-foot community center designed to offer a versatile gathering space for all residents. Its transformative ranch design features large pivot doors and an open-air pavilion, creating a seamless connection with the great outdoors. Whether attending a community event, a club meeting, or simply enjoying a special moment with neighbors, the Dutch Clubhouse will provide the perfect setting to enrich your social life.

Adjacent to the Dutch clubhouse, the Pool Pavilion will offer a luxurious resort-style experience tailored to meet the diverse needs of our residents. The main pool is ideal for a refreshing swim or lounging in the sun, while a separate kids' pool ensures a safe and fun environment for younger residents. With lounge chairs and generous shaded areas for relaxation, outdoor gathering spaces for socializing, expansive lawn areas for picnics and play, and convenient facilities such as restrooms and outdoor showers, the Pool Pavilion is designed to be a haven of leisure and enjoyment.

Construction of the Dutch Clubhouse and Pool Pavilion is set to begin in Summer 2024, with an anticipated opening in late Fall 2025. This timeline allows us to meticulously plan and execute every detail, ensuring that our residents receive a top-tier amenity that enhances their lifestyle and fosters community connections.

The Dutch Clubhouse and Pool Pavilion is more than just an amenity; it represents a commitment to creating an enriched community that celebrates both social interaction and the natural beauty of our majestic environment. Stay tuned for updates as we progress towards a grand opening and prepare to celebrate the treasured aspects of community where daily life is interwoven with elements of nature.

For more information on the Dutch Clubhouse and Pool Pavilion and other exciting amenities at Blossom Rock, keep an eye on our blog and follow us on social media. We can't wait to welcome you to life at Blossom Rock!

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